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You will never have to worry if your information is confidential with Assurance Investigations. We handle each case with the utmost compassion and care. We adhere to strict Colorado Law, we will not share any information with anyone at anytime! You will have peace of mind having Assurance Investigations on your side.

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​​Infidelity Investigation:

In early 2017 Assurance Investigations was contacted to conduct surveillance at a large prestigious resort to observe the extra marital affairs of a subject. With very little information and no room number. Our investigators worked tirelessly to locate the subject. After the subject was located covert investigations began into the subject's activities to confirm if he was indeed having an affair. After conducting surveillance over the course of several days it was confirmed the subject was having an affair. The investigators obtained video proof of the activity on high definition covert cameras.  The investigators were able to confirm the client's suspicions giving them peace of mind.

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Missing Person Investigation:

In early 2015 we were hired to locate a child that was taken out of state by her mother against court order. The client could only provided us with a picture of neighborhood surroundings the child took with their cell phone. Using strategic investigative techniques we were able to locate the child within 48 hours and have the child reunited with their father shortly after.

In late 2016 we were hired to locate a homeless person and reunite them with their family. We were tasked with locating one individual with no address in a city of 400,000 people with a homeless population of over 1,500. Our investigators vigorously began a foot search, canvassing homeless communities and hang outs. Our investigators knew time and weather conditions were not on their side searching for such a small target in a large area.  Endless searching paid off and within 24 hours our private investigators located the subject  and reunited him and his concerned family.

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Our Investigating rates vary on several different factors to include, investigation type, location and duration. Once the form is reviewed one of our private investigators will go over pricing with you to get you the best rate in the region, Guaranteed!

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